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News - Saturday 26th August, 2017

It’s the last weekend of the 70th. Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I can’t remember enjoying one more – and I’ve seen a few! Comedy delights included Jamie Wood’s beautifully calm and poignantly surreal reflection I Am A Tree, Tom Binns back with Hospital Radio D.J. Ivan Brackenbury and a gallery of characters for the 11th. year, and, of course, the reunion show of Whose Line Is It Anyway? chaired, as always, by the unflappable Clive Anderson. Kirsty Newton kept everything ticking over at the keyboard, while veteran players Steve Frost, Colin Mochrie, Mike McShane and, be still my beating heart, the elusively brilliant Tony Slattery, were memorably back in harness. Slattery has been a comedy hero of mine for thirty years, so when he ambled out on to that stage it was quite the thrill. Believe me! Still, the absolute highlights away from comedy were the celebration of the female voice and female image that were encapsulated in Patti Plinko’s incredibly diverse and evocative set of songs, and Rebecca Vaughan’s presentation of The Time Machine by the always theatrically exhilarating Dyad Productions. Prescient and powerful. Here’s to the next time…

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