I started writing 'Cor!' magazine, my enthusiastic comedy fanzine, as a tribute to Bernard Bresslaw. After a few years my commitment to writing books meant I had less and less time for it, and sadly 'Cor!' came to an abrupt end after a fun fourteen issues. However, I've recently discovered a very limited supply of back issues and they are now up for grabs ~ at a fiver each, plus postage & packing! Classic comedy never dates, and the contemporary material now has an air of history about it; so basically, these are the fanzine equivalent of 'Goodnight Sweetheart'. Anyway, if you're interested please e~mail: robert@robertross.co.uk, but get 'em while they're hot. Once these are gone there'll be no more re~prints.

Issue 1: Les Dawson, Sid James, The Films of Tony Hancock, Blackadder, Jim Dale interview.
Issue 2: The Goon Show Special, Peter Sellers ~ the Early Years, The Films of Spike Milligan.
Issue 3: Carry On Christmas. A Tribute to Gerald Thomas, The Films of Morecambe & Wise.
Issue 4: A Tribute to Kenneth Connor, Max Miller ~ Brighton's Cheeky Chappie.
Issue 5: Marie Lloyd, Remembering George Formby, Kenneth Williams ~ the Early Years.
Issue 6: Hancock's Half Hour Special, Tony Hancock ~ the Early Years, Liz Fraser interview.
Issue 7: Monty Python ~ Mere Gods?, Norman Mitchell, I.T.M.A., Ken Dodd, Roy Castle.
Issue 8: Charles Hawtrey Special, The Will Hay Connection, The Army Game, Peter Cook.
Issue 9: Peter Butterworth, Comic Relief, A Farewell to Kenny Everett, Geoffrey Davies interview.
Issue 10: Marty Feldman, Kenneth Griffith interview, Carry On 'Doctor Who', Dick Bentley.
Issue 11: Rocking With Laughter ~ the Comedy Record, Jimmy Jewel, Christopher Mitchell.
Issue 12: A Tribute to Jon Pertwee, Ben Elton interview, Bernard Bresslaw, Beryl Reid.
Issue 13: A Tribute to Michael Bentine, Arthur Askey, David Suchet interview, Barry Evans.
Issue 14: The Goodies Special, If Bill Oddie had joined T~Rex..., Tim Brooke~Taylor interview.