The Carry Ons always seem to have been part of my life. I have watched them since I was a toddler and even as early as my teen years I was interviewed about them. I was involved with the Barbican Centre retrospective when ‘The Carry On Companion’ was first published and subsequently became the person to call on the subject. These CDs were just one fun spin-off from that.

I have been a devoted fan of Doctor Who since I was a small boy, my earliest television memories being Tom Baker, Lis Sladen and those pesky Cybermen. Although I'm pretty sure there was no hiding behind the sofa!

So I was more than a little chuffed to be invited to write for the Doctor for the celebrated Big Finish audio range; especially as my first audio was to star 'Old Sixy' himself, Colin Baker, the beloved Doctor from my early teens, as well as featuring a young actor on the brink of Doctor Who stardom. A certain David Tennant!

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‘Monty Python's Flying Circus' had long been an obsession of mine, even though Terry Gilliam's animations terrified me when I first saw the series during a BBC repeat season. When EMI re-issued most of the albums in 2006 my entries from the 'Monty Python Encylopedia' were included in the sleeve notes. That was just the beginning…