The Lost Carry Ons

(Virgin Publishing Ltd, 2000)
ISBN 1-85227-990-7

It is almost impossible to believe that films made within thirty days could have time to film scenes that were subsequently unused. However, for reasons of timing or good taste, much material has been languishing in the vaults. Illustrated with a fantastic collection of previously unpublished photographs, the book provides a lasting record of these missing scenes from an institution of British comedy. The book also includes a complete, unfilmed script for ‘Carry On Again Nurse’, written by original scribe Norman Hudis to mark the series’ 30th anniversary in 1988. A must for any lover of classic British film.

“Those two chaps Morris Bright and Robert Ross with whom I have built up a firm friendship over the past few years, came up with the suggestion of trying to piece together some of these long-forgotten scenes, by drawing on the original shooting scripts and pictures from the Carry On archives – many of which have not been seen since they were taken over 30 years ago. What started as a casual suggestion over a glass of wine in the Pinewood Studios bar has now became the volume you are holding in your hands”.

From the introduction by Peter Rogers

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