The Complete Terry-Thomas

(Reynolds and Hearn Ltd, 2002)
ISBN 1-903111-29-3

Terry-Thomas was a pioneer of television comedy, and later graced such classic films as ‘Blue Murder at St. Trinian’s’, ‘School for Scoundrels’ and ‘Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines’. This book includes a run-down of stage and radio appearances, a complete filmography, and details T-T’s diverse television career. Close friends and acting colleagues including Ian Carmichael, Derek Fowlds and Janette Scott, share their memories of the quintessential British gentleman comedian who took America by storm.

“He was extremely kind to me when I was first struggling to find my feet in acting. He was full of good advice and, perhaps most importantly, willing to take time to come and see me. He would come along and see my first shows – really dreadful amateur shows which I was really dreadful in – and sit me down afterwards and tell me where I could improve”

From the foreword by Richard Briers

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