The Complete Sid James

(Reynolds and Hearn Ltd, 2000) - ISBN 1-903111-07-2

The indispensable guide to the archetypal crafty Cockney and presiding genius of the immortal Carry On series. Beloved as the perfect foil to Tony Hancock, both on radio and television, Sid’s classic sitcoms included ‘Citizen James’, ‘George and the Dragon’, ‘Two in Clover’ and ‘Bless This House’. The Complete Sid James is an affectionate celebration of a career that began in South Africa and came to a premature end on the stage of the Sunderland Empire. Compiled with the full support of those who knew Sid best, this book is a fitting tribute to a star whose legend lives on.

“I think it was Cole Porter who, when informed of the death of George Gershwin, commented, 'You can tell me he's dead...but I don't have to believe it if I don't want to.” That's exactly how I felt about Sid... I still do. With this book, you can feel the same.

From the foreword by Jim Dale

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